Do I need an anti-glare coating?

Anti-glare, or no glare, coatings are fantastic for a number of reasons.

  • Mainly, anti-glare coatings greatly diminish glare and “the starburst” effect from headlights and streetlamps at night.
  • Aesthetically, anti-glare coatings reduce the flash effect that appears on many lenses in photographs so you can see the person behind the glasses, for a cleaner more vibrant photo.
  • Anti-glare lenses also greatly reduce eyestrain from back lit devices, such as computer screens, smart phones & tablets.

AcuSight’s lenses come with a bonus feature in their Recharge Anti-glare coating. This latest technology coating helps protect your eyes from the blue-light emitted by cellphones, computers, tablets, e-readers, and any other backlit device. Blue-light near the ultraviolet (or UV) end of the spectrum can lead to earlier cases of macular degeneration, cataracts, and disrupts our day-to-day sleep habits. This anti-glare coating is a crucial preventative feature that we recommend each patients use. Scratches? Forget about them, the Recharge anti-glare coating comes with built-in scratch resistance making your lenses tough and durable from daily wear and tear.