What are digital eyeglass lenses?

Most people believe that all eyeglass lenses are the same and the only thing you are choosing is a new frame every year, but this is not the case. The lenses that go into the frame are the most important part; after all, that’s what allows you to see your world clearly and not every eyeglass lens is created equal.

At AcuSight we use the latest lens technology to guarantee you will be seeing your best, and that technology is digitally surfaced lenses.

Traditional lenses are all made from the same stock and cut from old-fashioned tools so a -4.00 is the same for every person and every frame. The advanced computer surfacing system allows the digital lens to be custom designed for how your prescription fits in your frame and where the lenses are positioned in front of your eyes to provide a wider field of view with less peripheral distortion over standard lenses.

For example, if you and your friend both have the same prescription, your friend would not be able to put on your glasses and wear them because they are customized for your eyes.

These advances to technology result in a more precise viewing system making your world appear in high definition. Anyone is a great candidate for digital lenses, but this becomes especially important for anyone with astigmatism or for progressive (no line bifocal) lenses.  Call our office to set up your appointment and make the switch to digital.